Reversing system—ER0202
7 inch large HD screen
Waterproof backup camera
Install reversing camera
Waterproof backup camera
20m video extension cable
reversing system
Reversing system for car/truck/RV/BMW

Reversing system 7-inch 720P HD display with four reversing cameras

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Product manual:
  • The display supports four-view display, the front-view camera has four video inputs, and four flip-flops for four channels. Helps you not have blind spots while driving
  • 7-inch 720P HD screen for more realistic image quality, making your reversing more confident and safe, with 4 waterproof cameras with 18 infrared and CMOS sensors and night version
  • High vehicle compatibility for a wide range of large vehicles such as semi-trailers/vans/fifth/trailers/buses
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