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Wireless rear view system—E2
Using wireless digital technology, real-time signals can be transmitted without interference from other electronic devices such as Bluetooth and radio.
Suitable for large vehicles such as trucks/cars/trailers/etc.
7-inch large screen, 720P HD screen
Can meet different car angles. When you reverse, it provides a precise angle to minimize collisions and rear scratches, ensuring safe and fast parking
It's very durable, whether it's raining or bad weather, you don't have to worry that he will break.
Wireless rear view system
The built-in wireless transmitter transmits signals in real time, giving you a clear, unstuck picture

Wireless Rear View System With Reversing Camera and 7-Inch HD Display

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 product manual: 

  • Compared with analog signals, the second generation uses wireless digital technology to transmit real-time signals without interference from other electronic devices such as Bluetooth and radio.
  • With 28 infrared and CMOS sensors, the digital HD image processor will give you great night vision. The Super IP69 waterproof standard protects your car from inclement weather without worrying about rain and rain.
  • The vehicle's high compatibility line is suitable for all kinds of large vehicles, such as semi-trailer/van truck/five wheels/trailers/buses

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