Reversing Camera: The Gadget that Lets You View More Images in Just One Screen

Do you own or drive a large vehicle? You’re probably always worried every time you‘re parked or traveling to a place you are not familiar with. For your peace of mind, install the 9-inch quad screen reversing camera. This is designed ideally for large vehicles where viewing for more than just one camera is very important. It is not all the time that you get the chance to have a top-of-the-line camera for your vehicle. What makes this very special is that, you can view different images from different cameras all at once on just one screen.

Your all-in-one gadget in this quad screen reversing camera
Reversing Camera:  The Gadget that Lets You View More Images in Just One Screen

You need not spend extra for a monitor to view what this reverse camera system captures and records. The 7-inched monitor will give you total convenience as you review all the photos and videos stored in this camera. Best to install in trucks, buses and heavy equipment vehicles, this reverse camera can be used and installed on both the 24V and 12V vehicles. With HD quality of the screens, this product has other impressive functions such as:

Split LCD Monitor – This feature will let you view four different images from four different cameras in just one screen. The monitor has 4PIN connector allowing it to power up cameras. There is no more need to connect another power cable to the camera.
Built-in quad control box function – This feature will allow you to view while you’re driving and a second camera will then automatically turn on when revising. It can also have all the cameras showing images at the same time.
Industrial Grade Heavy Duty IR Night Vision Colour CCD Camera - Perfect companion for night driving. It produces high-resolution image that lets you view clearly all the goings-on recorded in the camera. The automatic night vision distance at 10 metres will give you total peace of mind even if it’s dark where the vehicle is.

This reversing camera for the vehicle is worth your money. The kit comes complete with a quad monitor you can select to display full, split, triple or quad images; a choice of up to 4 night vision reversing cameras where two can be used for side views, and the other two, for back views. Now is the time to end all the worries when you are driving or leaving your heavy equipment vehicle. Installing the reversing camera is just like hiring a security guard that will catch each and every action happening near, around and even inside the van.
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